Fishing Tour 8 days / 7 nights

Bait & Tackle Recommendations

Suggested Gear and Tackle for Butterfly Peacock Bass and Aruauna

You will want to bring a bass fishing rod of about 6 feet with a medium to fast taper.  The taper is how quickly the rod becomes stiff and resistant from the tip of the rod.  A fast taper rod will have a flexible tip, which is good for casting, but it becomes stiff very quickly as you move down the rod.  It also has some backbone to it so you can apply some real pressure to the fish, which will probably be necessary when you see your peacock bass running straight for some trees or other structure which could snag or cut your line.  If you are not experienced with casting a conventional real (like a Daiwa or Shimano bait-caster), then you’ll probably want a spinning rod and reel – those are the reels you have to pull back the round wire thing to open up the spool for casting.  The good thing about spinning reels and rods is you don’t get tangles, and the rod is available in two-piece configuration, so they are ideal for traveling.

This is what you’ll need to bring to Peru:

  • 1 Medium to fast taper 6 foot fishing rod appropriate for fish of to 10 pounds – spinning rod would be best.
  • 1 Spool of 10-pound Berkley monofilament
  • 1 Spool of 12-pound Berkley monofilament
  • 1 Spool of 15 pound Berkley monofilament
  • 10 6-inch steel leaders (20-pound rated)
  • An assortment of 10 bass plugs or poppers
  • A few “Rattle Traps” – this is a relatively new lure which many fishermen swear by
  • 1 package of 20 bass fishing hooks for 5 to 10 pound bass.
Total Land cost: USD $1,995 per person
  • The Amazon rainforest is a fisherman’s paradise. Over 2000 different species of fish inhabit these waters, with many new species being discovered every year. This is more than double the amount of species found in all of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • (Recommended 10 days / 9 nights but shorter or longer trips available)
  • Includes all in Amazon (all transfers, lodging, meals, private guide, excursions customized to your liking, gear such as jungle boots, wifi, entrance fees, conservation fees, port taxes, etc.).
  • Optional expenses only: cola or beer drinks, souvenirs, tips, and laundry

Day 1 (trip starts after arrival of people on LA 2240, scheduled to arrive just past noon)

  • Trip starts after arrival of people on LA 2240, scheduled to arrive just past noon
  • Transfer in from airport or hotel
    • If airport: Look for our booth in the baggage area of Iquitos Airport, by the
      restrooms, with our logo (head of a hoatzin bird on a diamond shape)
    • If hotel: please let us know the address for where to pick you up.
  • Speedboat transfer (note–is 4 hours) up the Amazon, then the Tahuayo
    tributary to our lodge.
  • Evening excursion

Lunch, Dinner


Day 2-4

At the Tahuayo Lodge

Guided fishing with a private boat or other excursions in and around the TamshiyacuTahuayo
Reserve. Every day your native guide will discuss a selection of activities or
fishing sites that you can choose to do. There is no extra cost for a private guide or
customizing your itinerary to your needs and interests.
Some fishing sites from the main lodge:

  • Quebrada Palmichal, an inlet from the Tahuayo that is very productive in
    peacock butterfly bass and other fish
  • Lake Tabano – a permanently flooded forest and fish breeding ground
  • Lake Tapaje and Lake Charo
  • Tahuayo River

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 5-7

At Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge, ARC
The Research Center is more remote, many miles away from any native inhabitation,
and thus there is no competition from the native fisherman. You will most likely be fishing
in sites where no one has fished before. Fishing sites include large and small lakes,
the Tahuayo River and the Tangarana River. At the Tahuayo Lodge

Full day birding in the islands near the mouth of the Tahuayo, a great place for sandpipers, herons, terns, skimmers, stilts, plovers and others. The evening will be spent looking for nocturnally active species along the river

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8

At Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge, ARC
Before breakfast will be the last fishing outing. After breakfast you will be returned to the main lodge for lunch. After lunch return to Iquitos, arriving about 4pm.

Breakfast, Lunch


A note on our two lodges

The Tahuayo Lodge (main lodge)

  • Cabins have private bathrooms
  • A greater variety of activities

The Research Center Peru Lodge (ARC)

  • Cabins have shared bathrooms
  • Better hiking, over 50 miles of trails through a variety of ecosystems
  • More wildlife
  • The lodge is more remote, in more pristine forest