Inca Trail

Machu Picchu was but the center of an extensive Inca province. Hiking the Inca trail is the best way to appreciate that Machu Picchu is only a small piece of the history of the Inca community that thrived here.

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We can custom design an itinerary for your needs and interests. The itineraries given below are some popular choices. Costs include all transfers such as taxi, bus and train, hotels, entrance fees and taxes, guided excursions, and some meals. 

Via the Inca trail you will see many well preserved archaeological sites, linked by stone trails, as well as a variety of ecological zones containing habitats for many rare plants and animals. The mountainous scenery is breathtaking.

With private guide, private cook, private porters Using campsites that the big groups do not use; typically we are alone in campsites. Starting a half day behind the big groups so we are hiking alone, not with crowds. Thus we eliminate the most frequent complaints people have about the Inca Trail experience: crowded, noisy campsites, hiking with crowds of people. Also with high quality of guiding, personalized attention, superior quality food, tents and sleeping bags included.

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Day One: Fly to Cusco. After clearing baggage security in Cusco Airport look for your guide, holding up a sign with your name on it. Transfer into the Sacred Valley of the Inca Hotel Libertador Sacred Valley

Day Two: Full-day guided excursion in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including Pisaq ruins and the native bazaar at Pisaq. Hotel Libertador Sacred Valley B,L

Day Three: Morning explore Ollantaytambo ruins Afternoon Transfer to Chillca. Hike 5 km Pisca Kucho to Llacta Pata (elev 7505″) estimated time 2 hours. Exploring Llactapata ruins Llactapata Camp B,L,D

Day Four: Hike 7 km Llacta Pata (elev 7505`) to Waylla Bamba (elev 8997`) estimated time 2 hrs.
Hike 3 km Waylla Bamba (elev 8997′) to 3 Piedras Blancas (elev 10266′) estimated time 2 hrs.
Hike 2 km 3 Piedras Blancas (elev 10266′) to Corral Punku (elev 12185′) estimated time 2 hrs.
Hike 1 km Corall Punku (elev 12185′) to Llullucha Pampa (elev 13015′) estimated time 1 hr
Llulluchapampa Camp B,L,D.

Day Five: Hike 2 km Llullucha Pampa (elev 13015) to Warmiwanuspa (elev 13769`) estmated time 2 hr.
Hike 3 km Warmiwanuspa (elev 13769`) to Pacay Mayu (elev 11677`) estimated time 2 hr.
Hike 1 km Pacay Mayu (elev 11677`) to Runca Raqay Ruins (elev 12461`) estimated time 1 hr.
Hike 1 km Runca Raqay Ruins (elev 12461`) to Runca Raqay Pass (elev 13113`) estimated time 1 hr.
Hike 3 km Runca Raqay Pass (elev 13113`) to Sayac Marca (elev 13113`) estimated time 1 hr.
Hike 1 km Sayac Marca (elev 13113`) to Chaqui Cocha (elev 12228`) estimated time 1 hr.
Hike 2 km Chaqui Cocha (elev 12228`) to Phuyu Pata Marca (elev 12136`) estimated time 1 hr
Phuyu Pata Marca Camp B,L,D

Day Six: Hike 7 km Phuyu Pata Marca (elev 12136`) to Winay Wayna (elev 8856`) estimated time 2 hr.
Hike 3 km Winay Wayna (elev 8853`) to Inti Punku (elev 9020`) estimated time 1.5 hr.
Hike 1 km Inti Punku (elev 9020`) to Machu Picchu (elev 8069`) estimated time 1 hr.
Afternoon explore Machu Picchu, later bus to riverside camp Puentes Ruinas Camp B,L,D

Day Seven: Morning guided visit to Machu Picchu Lunch included at Sanctuary Restaurant Train returns to Cusco at 17:25, Arriving to the train station of Ollantaytambo at 18:51pm Transfer in Cusco Hotel Imperial B,L,D

Day Eight: Transfer to Cusco Airport. B