Angels 2017 School Support

A new school year is beginning in the Amazon Jungle.  Please donate to help make it successful.

Amazonia Expeditions has been helping to provide sustainable tourism to the Amazon Basin for almost 40 years.  Part of our mission is to help uplift the local communities by providing economic opportunities, healthcare and education.  To focus on that mission, Angels of the Amazon was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Angels of the Amazon is the primary NGO sponsor of education to the 385 children of the local villages in this region of the Amazon Jungle.  We need to raise nearly $7,000 to provide school supplies including books for the new school year.  

We have several ways to donate today.  (Donations made by US citizens are tax-deductible.)

  • Write a check to:
    Angels of the Amazon
    10305 Riverburn Drive,
    Tampa, FL 33647 USA
  • Consider sponsoring a child.  Fill out the contact form for more information.

The children thank you for your support,

Dolly Beaver
Angels of the Amazon

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