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Photo of Birding Guide and Staff Biologist ready for bird tours

Birding Guide Edson Galan and Staff Biologist Andy Bicerra

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The Tahuayo River basin is one of the great experiences for birders in the upper Amazon basin of the Peru Amazon rainforest. On excursions from our two Iquitos jungle lodges we have documented over 600 species of birds (see our complete bird list). But while the overall bird list is tempting, it doesn’t give an expectation for what an average day will yield in the way of a birding experience. So for four days plus one early morning of a couple of hours, our head amazonian birding guide Edson Galan treated staff biologist Andy Bicerra to a typical birding excursion, just from the main lodge.


Meet Our Expert Bird Guide

Photo of three Orange-Cheeked Parrots (Pyrilia Barrabandi), one flying

Orange-Cheeked Parrot (Pyrilia Barrabandi)

A total of 174 different species of birds were seen on this mini birding experience, including orange-cheeked parrots (See the list here). Andy was very impressed by the skills of his colleague. He was amazed with Edson’s knowledge of birds. He said, “Edson is a walking, talking book of Amazonian birds. He is very patient and has eyes and ears that are remarkable in finding birds.” Andy made some notes of the GPS of Edson’s favorite birding spots and will be making a map in the future. When we can shake Edson and Andy free from their other duties (for the next several months Edson will be guiding and Andy will be working with a primatologist studying the saki monkey, uakari monkey, owl monkeys and more) we will also do another typical 4 day survey, this time from the remote Research Center Peru Lodge.

Paul Beaver, Ph.D.
President and Founder of Amazonia Expeditions