Amazonia Expeditions is more than just a tourism business. We aspire to offer the best tourism program in the Amazon basin as part of our greater mission to conserve the most biodiverse site yet studied by biologists, in collaboration with the nearby indigenous community. By traveling with us you help us to fund the goals of our mission:

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  • Providing a high quality experience to our tourist guests, by assigning private guides, native to the region, who are educated, professional and friendly, offering the greatest diversity of excursions found in the Amazon and customizing itineraries to the needs and interests of each visitor.
  • Protecting the conservation area (Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal Tamshiyacu Tahuayo) through political, economic, scientific and community initiatives.
  • Being a vital member of the indigenous community by building, supporting and helping to staff the finest rural clinic in the Amazon basin, conducting educational programs and offering scholarships for the native children and supporting sustainable economic initiatives that bring wealth to the community.
  • Supporting and conducting scientific investigations of plants, animals and ecosystems.
  • Promoting scientific and conservation education through programs for interns, school groups, interested visitors and the community.