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Research Center Peru Lodge

The Amazon Research Center Peru Lodge (ARC) is located approximately 15 km upriver from the main Tahuayo Lodge. The ARC is smaller, quieter, and less opulent than our main lodge, but it is still comfortable and cozy with private cabins, a hammock room, a lounge and delicious buffet style meals.All cabins are on raised stilts and feature balconies, with half of the cabins overlooking the river, and the other half overlooking the forest. A couple of cabins have a matrimonial queen bed, while the rest have 2-3 beds. Unlike the main lodge, all cabins share bathrooms. About half of the cabins are electrified and the lodge does have wifi by satellite connection. arc-river-level-2

The location of the lodge is in more pristine, undisturbed forest. It is the only existing man-made structure in the million acre ACRCTT conservation zone. The nearest human habitation is over 15 km distance. The ecological diversity and species diversity is greater than that found at the main lodge, although from each lodge one can find a number of interesting species not found at the other lodge. To learn more about ongoing research at the ARC and how you can be a part of it, read about the Amazon Research Center Experience.

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