Why Choose Amazonia

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 We at Amazonia Expeditions pride ourselves on being the highest ranked lodge in the Upper Amazon Basin that provides the best service for our guests in every regard. Here are 10 reasons for why we have always been known for the experiences we provide. We hope you agree!

1. Top Rated Pioneer

With a program in activity since 1981, Amazonia Expeditions is a pioneer of Amazon Tourism. Since its inception, our lodge has been at the forefront of providing an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages, and we always continue to invest heavily in the lodge to enhance your experience. We pride ourselves on presenting a smaller, yet far more intimate visit into the most biodiverse region of the world.  We operate the only lodges in the region and are the only tour operator certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Travelife.


2. Access to the Tahuayo Reserve

As we are the only company with access to the 440,000 hectare (1 million acre) ACRCTT conservation area, we have customized our Amazon Tours to integrate them into your experience as much as possible. Our activities take you on hikes with your guide into regions that have been described by biologists as having the greatest biodiversity yet documented in the Amazon basin. We helped to establish the reserve and are active in its management.

3. Zika and Malaria Free  

Because of the acidic water ecosystems in the Tahuayo River basin, the areas around our lodge do not have the mosquito species Anopheles darlingi and Aedes aegypti, thus there is no zika, malaria, dengue or yellow fever. This results in malaria prophylaxis not being necessary for the trip, unlike most other rainforest lodge locations.

4. Your Own Private Guide

For the duration of your stay with Amazonia, you will be assigned a private guide to accompany you on each of your activities. Our lodge’s guides have the best skills and highest training standards of any company in the Amazon to ensure your safety on all excursions. All of our guides have certification in wilderness first aid response, and have been hailed repeatedly in reviews for their friendliness and knowledge about the wildlife.

5. You Choose your Adventure

The itinerary for your stay is personally crafted by you and our experts in order to ensure that you are able to see everything you want to during your stay. You can stay for as long or as little as you like, but you will always be guided to what timespan will fit all of your desired activities comfortably. Keep in mind, the cost per day goes down for trips that are longer! Having more days provides you with more time slots to fill activities from our lodge, which has more options than any other in the Upper Amazon Basin.

6. World Renowned Zipline

Our circuit of Ziplines is the longest in all of the Amazon, and provides our guests with a new aerial perspective on the rainforest. Our lines run 100 feet above the ground and allow you to fly from tree to tree among the abundant flora and fauna of the canopy. You can always feel safe in our ziplines knowing that they are constructed of aircraft grade steel hardware, and are inspected regularly.

7. Community Support

In order to benefit the villagers who live around the lodge our community support program has built the finest rural health clinic in the Amazon and pays for its staff, equipment and supplies. We are also currently building a high school for the communities of the upper Tahuayo River. Staying with Amazonia Expeditions provides us with more funding to use on improving the livelihood of the natives of the Tahuayo region.

8. Scientific Research

Our lodge is not only a destination for vacationers, it also provides a research center for scientists from leading universities around the world. Every year we have school groups and research groups frequent the vast network of trails that are accessible from our research lodge. The immense biodiversity of the region is unique to our lodge and is attractive to researchers across the globe.

9. Comforts of Home

Although our lodge is in a remote portion of the Amazon, you can still be connected to the rest of civilization during your stay. We provide free satellite based wifi in both lodges to help you stay connected with your friends and family. All of our electricity is produced via solar power allowing you to power all of your devices using green energy.

10. All Inclusive

The full price of your stay doesn’t just cover your room in the lodge; all of the activities in your itinerary and your meals are included in the price of your stay. There are no extra charges for having your days packed with activities, so you can feel free to enjoy as much of the rainforest as you can.