Amazon Rainforest Travel: 10 Items to Pack for the Peruvian Amazon 

In the list below are a few recommended items to prepare you for your trip to the jungle. It is important to remember that everyone is different when it comes to travel. Some people are happy traveling with just the bare minimum. Others like to purchase the highest quality equipment available. There is no right or wrong way to travel – it is completely up to your own needs & preferences. 

Please note: this is not our official packing list. Some items here are included on our packing list, some are not. If you are traveling with us, please be sure to review the full packing list. Full list is available on your trip itinerary, or upon request. 

Affiliate links are included in the text below. We receive a small commission if you purchase using them at no extra cost to you. 

1. Headlamp

Useful for exploring the jungle during night excursions or for looking through your daypack after a long day of adventure. Headlamps are lightweight, portable, most importantly…allow you to see while having both of your hands available. 

2. Mosquito Repellant

The best defense against mosquitos is to wear adequate clothing, when that is not enough, some sort of spray repellent may be necessary. 

3. Sunblock

In the tropics, it is essential to have protection from the harsh rays of the sun. We recommend UVA & UVB, nonscented sunscreen (Reef-Safe) like the one below. 

4. Emergency Poncho

Having a way to protect yourself and your gear from the rain is crucial in this environment. We recommend the FROGG TOGGS Breathable Poncho. While exploring the rainforest, carrying one of these with you in your daypack is very highly recommended. 


5. Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is the most important and often overlooked aspect of exploring the rainforest. On average, you should be drinking double or triple the amount of water you normally drink per day. 

6. Binoculars

For the avid Birder, these are essential. For other travelers, we do recommend that you bring along at least 1 pair to share with your group. We recommend: 

7. Dry Bag

A small waterproof storage bag will work well to keep anything sensitive to humidity – phones, small electronics, camera gear, passports, cash, and more, dry during your trip. 

8. Guidebooks

Please see our Top 4 Wilderness Guidebooks for the Amazon Rainforest here: 

Be sure to also read the “Required Reading List” in your preparation material. 

9. Cameras

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding places to be a photographer. Our guides have experience working with photographers and are knowledgeable about the pace and requirements of serious photographers. For wildlife photography, we recommend a zoom lens of at least 300mm. 

10. Day Pack

You will need a good day pack to take with you on jungle hikes & boat excursions. Something lightweight and quick drying is a must. We recommend: 


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