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Amazonia Expeditions operates fine natural history trips for school groups in the western Amazon, in the country of Peru. Increasingly our school groups look to incorporate anything from 1-3 days of service to the indigenous communities into their overall Amazon program. Our student service programs are designed to inspire participants by making a meaningful contribution in a needy region of the world. READ MORE 


A few short decades ago the Amazon rainforest was a relatively pristine paradise, unpolluted by plastic wraps or bottles. All the supplies used by the indigenous people were biodegradable. Alas, even in such a remote area one can now find an excess of plastic trash. The native communities now need to practice recycling to protect the natural home in which they live. They new generation of children is now learning in school the importance of protecting their environment from an excess of plastic trash. READ MORE

When I asked Paul and Dolly Beaver to help me devise a project that would involve our students in some authentic interactions with the people of the Tahuayo River area, I could not have anticipated the wonderful end results. On three separate occasions over the past 8 
years, Amazonia Expeditions has helped arrange projects for our students that have engaged them in ways they will never forget. They have had their eyes opened to life circumstances completely different from their own, and have come away knowing that they still share common desires to laugh, play, and improve their communities. Language barriers didn’t seem to exist for our students when there was a common goal and shared tools. Since doing these service projects, I have had two students return to Peru after graduating from our school for further experiences, while others have followed pursuits they tell me were fostered by their time in Peru.

Anne Griffith



  • Growth in confidence and personal attributes

  • Broaden understanding of foreign culture

  • Hands on biology practice

  • Foreign language practice

  • Strengthen resume for continuing education


  • Should we buy travel Insurance?

  • What vaccinations and/or medications are required?

  • What does the program cost include?

  • How are the guides (English speaking, knowledge, etc)?


Amazonia Expeditions has a successful history of providing unique learning and travel experiences for high school and college groups. We are the only licensed tour operator with access to Peru’s Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal de Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT). Exceeding 1.1 million acres, this reserve has been shown to have the greatest mega-diversity of flora and fauna found in all the Amazon. The record diversity of mammals includes 15 species of monkeys and over 600 species of birds.

Our two lodges have unique facilities for an enriching educational experience. Our main lodge features opportunities to explore the forest on foot, by canoe and motorboat, as well as by canopy platforms and ziplines. It also has access to native villages with whom we collaborate with service projects.  The remote Research Center Lodge boasts the Amazon’s largest grid of trail transects for the collection of population data.

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