A&E Tours Tahuayo Lodge Receives Peru’s Highest National Environmental Award

Amazonia Expeditions (A&E Tours) Recognized by Peru’s Ministry of Environment with “Premio Nacional Ambiental Antonio Brack Egg” (PNA-ABE) Award

LIMA, Peru, Dec. 19, 2019 – Amazonia Expeditions’ Peruvian subsidiary, A&E Tours Tahuayo Lodge, received the highest national award for sustainable business. Peru’s Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) awarded the Antonio Brack Egg National Environmental Award (PNA-ABE) to A&E Tours, which was presented by Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra yesterday.

Amazonia Expeditions’ A&E Tours Tahuayo Lodge placed in the Natural Peru category of the PNA-ABE award under the Green Business category for their sustainable tourism experiences in the Amazon Rainforest. An evaluation committee made up of prominent professionals from the technical, academic, and scientific fields, as well as MINAM officials, selected the winners. This year A&E Tours Tahuayo Lodge was announced as winner in the category of “Bionegocios” for being the most environmentally conscious and socially responsible business in all of Peru.

Dolly Beaver receiving the Antonio Brack Egg Award. From left to right, Fabiola Muñoz (Peruvian Minister for the Environment), Lina Marcela Lugo Silva (Amazonia Expeditions Environmental/Sustainability Specialist), Martín Vizcarra (President of Peru), Dolores Beaver (Owner of Tahuayo Lodge)

Since 1981, Amazonia Expeditions has been dedicated to providing unforgettable travel experiences and supporting meaningful research. A cornerstone of this travel experience is supporting the local indigenous population with educational, health, and economic opportunities with their foundation, Angels of the Amazon, a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2007.  The social and environmental aspects of life in the Tahuayo River basin has been a priority of Amazonia from the beginning. In response to the prestigious award, Dolly Beaver, the owner of the Tahuayo Lodge stated, “We are grateful for the acknowledgment of the many years of effort we have invested in a sustainable tourism business which helps to protect this vital treasure from commercial resource exploitation and deforestation”

Conservation and Study of the Environment

The beauty and diversity of the Amazon is a wonder to be treasured, and Amazonia Expeditions has taken many efforts over the years to support it. In addition to providing employment to the local community and teaching wildlife and ecological respect, Amazonia also helped to establish the ACRCTT (Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal Tamsahiyacu Tahuayo). This 1.1-million-acre reserve has some of the greatest biodiversity studied in the lowland Amazon rainforest and is a hub for travelers and researchers across the world to experience and support its inhabitants.

 Supporting the Local Community

In partnership with the non-profit organization Angels of the Amazon, founded in 2007 by A&E Tours owner Dolly Beaver, Amazonia Expeditions supported building the finest rural health clinic in the upper Amazon basin, a high school, and provides scholarships for native children, while delivering sustainable initiatives that bring economic opportunity and stability to the area.

Promoting Scientific Inquiry

Through formal and informal learning, Amazonia Expeditions has made significant efforts to teach visitors about the mysteries of the rainforest. They accomplish this by hosting internship programs, school groups, interested visitors, and the community as well as supporting and conducting scientific investigations of plants, animals, and ecosystems around their lodges. The current project, led by on-staff scientists, includes the description of a new species of Saki monkey.

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About Amazonia Expeditions

Since 1981, Amazonia Expeditions has been delivering spectacular adventures into the upper Amazon basin as the area’s leading ecotourism operator. Whether you are a single traveler, family, group, or school join us in the Amazonian Tahuayo Reserve to hike, canoe, and zip line your way through the most biodiverse region yet studied. Your itinerary will be customized to your needs and interests by your highly trained private guide to deliver an unforgettable experience. More information at https://peruandes.com or call Paul Beaver at 800-262-9669.

About Angels of the Amazon

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization, the mission of the Angels of the Amazon (AoA) foundation is to provide economic, health, and education aid to the indigenous people living in the 12 communities in the Tahuayo River basin.  More information at https://angelsoftheamazon.org.

About the Antonio Brack Egg Award

The Antonio Brack Egg National Environmental Award is the highest recognition that the Peruvian State grants to natural or legal persons that contribute to environmental protection, sustainable management of natural resources and environmental conservation, through practices that can be replicated.