Why Does Amazonia Expedition Utilize Two Distinct Lodges?

Our main Tahuayo Lodge is remote, 140 nautical km from the nearest road. Which is good, because you must get into remote wilderness to see good forest. But because it is so remote, just 1 speedboat per day going there, departing after the arrival of people on LA 2240 (about noon). So that’s day #1. Likewise, the last day is mostly just returning to Iquitos city.


Now the Amazon Research Center is even more remote, requiring a full morning to get there (again 1 boat a day) and a half day to return. So really you need a trip length of 6 days / 5 nights to include both lodges.


Here is why we have 2 lodges:

We have the greatest biodiversity that you can find with any Amazon trip. But biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest doesn’t mean there’s a lot of different species all in one place. The Amazon has biodiversity because it is a complex mosaic of different ecosystems.


From the Tahuayo Lodge we can explore several different ecosystems: igapo (actually several different categories of igapo as described by Dr. Randall Myster in his book Igapo forests of the Amazon Basin – he did much of his investigations for his research from our lodges); tahuampa (or flooded forest); terra firme forest and cochas (remnant oxbow lakes) in various stages of ecological succession.


From our Amazon Research Center we have access to different Amazon forest ecosystems: high and low restinga forest, bajial forest, aguajal (palm swamp), a different kind of terra firme forest and also cochas in different stages of ecological succession.


What this means in a practical sense is that from the Tahuayo Lodge you will be able to get into ecosystems that have pink dolphins, sloths, night monkeys, manakins, trogons, howler monkeys, poison dart frogs, jacanas, pygmy marmosets, neotropical river otters, harlequin toads, tamarins and other species not typically found in the ecosystems near the research center. And in the ecosystems near to the Amazon Research Center we can find giant river otters, sakis, capuchins, woolly monkeys, titi monkeys, blue and yellow macaws, tamandua, large caiman and other species not usually encountered near to the main lodge.


Our time in the jungle was an absolute highlight on our trip to Peru! Truly amazing! …Again, we had the most wonderful time. Almost more than words can say. The jungle and the Tahuayo Lodge hold very special places in our hearts and CAN NOT WAIT to return. Thank you again for offering such an amazing trip.


Our trip was INCREDIBLE. The lodge was great, the food was amazing, and the staff were all so friendly. We loved our stays at the B&B, the main lodge, and the ARC.

Tia & Paula

It was incredible and a trip of a lifetime Paul! My sister Paula and I had an amazing time and loved everything — your facilities and staff are top notch and I want to come back with my husband and daughters!!