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Let the Adventure Begin….


Since 1981 we have been offering adventures into the upper Amazon basin of Peru. Join us in the remote Tahuayo Reserve and explore the most biodiverse region yet studied by scientists.


Enjoy Our Lodge Year Round

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We are open year round. Start your adventure any date of the year and go for any number of days. Minimum is 3 days / 2 nights but we recommend our standard 8 day / 7 night itinerary to enjoy more biodiversity. We can also do longer trips for more serious travelers.


Incredible Biodiversity

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Amazonia Expedition’s exclusive access to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve provides you with the opportunity to experience a diversity of lowland rainforest ecosystems. Here scientists have documented the greatest diversity of species of mammals and birds of any site yet studied in the lowland Amazon basin. Additionally, the site has more species of monkeys than any protected park or reserve in the world including the rare Bald Red Uakari and a newly described species of saki monkey. Other species of note include two species of freshwater dolphins, sloths, poison dart frogs and giant river otters.


Join the Leading Ecotourism Operator

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Amazonia Expeditions is considered the leading ecotourism operator in the Amazon Basin. We are ranked as the #1 speciality lodge in all of Peru and also in all of the Amazon basin by Trip Advisor. We are also ranked #1 by National Geographic in the Amazon on the basis of conservation ethics. We are a leader in conservation, education, supporting scientific research and in addressing the needs of the indigenous communities in a substantial way.


Discover the Rainforest with your Private Guide

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Explore the jungle with your private jungle guide. Work directly with your guide to customize your itinerary according to your needs and interests. Your highly trained guide will be available from before dawn, throughout the day, and into the evening to allow you to fit in all of the activities you hope to do, whether it be dawn birdwatching or observing nocturnal wildlife activity.


Safety is our #1 priority

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All of our staff are professionally trained jungle guides with certification in wilderness first aid. Furthermore, the acidic water ecosystems of the Tahuayo River basin do not have the mosquito species Anopheles darlingi or Aedes aegypti. This means a safer trip for you and your family and a safer workplace for our staff. Unlike most other rainforest lodge locations no malaria, zika, yellow fever or dengue is found in the Tahuayo reserve. Here are more details.


The Canopy Experience

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In order to truly appreciate the essence of the rainforest, one must have a chance to be within the canopy. Our unique canopy experience consists of five canopy platforms, three ziplines and a walkway linking five tree giants, all more than 30 meters above the forest floor. Our Canopy Experience has been ranked in the Top 10 Ziplines in the world. There is no extra charge for canopy access. Learn more about our Canopy Experience here.


The Lodges

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During your stay, you have two lodges as available options. The main Tahuayo Lodge offers the greater variety of excursions, but the research center lodge is nestled in more remote, pristine forest. People typically split their time at each lodge to maximize the variety of their experience. A minimum of six days is required to access both lodges. Shorter visits just utilize the main lodge.

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